How a calgary pizzeria sold OVER $115k in e-gift cards in one day


How UNA Pizza leveraged Canada 150 with a 'Buy One Get One' (BOGO) to generate over $115,000 in e-gift card sales in ONLy 24 hours

UNA Pizza was looking for a way to get a high volume of sales in a short amount of time and like many Canadian merchants, wanted to use Canada 150 to help them do it. With limited resources and our e-gift card platform, they were able to generate big sales, fast.

The offer

On July 1st 2017, for one day only, customers that purchased a $150 e-gift card would receive a second $150 e-gift card free, with no limit to how many cards could be purchased and no expiry date.

The promotion

Leading up to the big day, UNA Pizza created visually appealing content to be used for their campaign including images for their social media posts and a website popup window. They teased their audience with a promise of a big flash sale leading up to Canada Day and created events for followers to join.

On July 1st at 12:01 AM, UNA Pizza launched their campaign and watched as the sales began to roll in. Their announcement was liked and shared across social networks as word spread of their big deal. 

By the numbers 

  • 24 hour campaign
  • Target of $80,000 in e-gift cards sales
  • Over 750 e-gift cards sold
  • Totalling over $115,000 in e-gift card sales


UNA Pizza's Canada 150 promo shows the power of a good BOGO and offers and some great lessons for other businesses.

  • Offering big deals for a limited time can produce big results.
  • Online purchases promoted on social media can be executed with minimal resources.
  • Businesses can leverage sales events with the tools they already have; e-gift cards and social media.

This is one example of a successful 'Buy One Get One' campaign but there are lots of other BOGOs business could offer. Businesses could offer different promotional amounts and use AnyCard Promo Cards as the Bonus ex. 'Buy a $100 e-Gift Card & Get a $50 Bonus'. Promo Cards are great bonuses because they are just like e-gift cards but can have set expiry dates, prompting customers to visit you on-site sooner and limiting your liability. 

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