Top 5 Reasons to E-Gift Your Restaurant This Holiday Season


The gift giving season is around the corner, is your restaurant prepared?  

From holiday parties, family dinners and celebrations, restaurant visitors peak and there is a once-a-year opportunity to get involved. E-gift cards can play a big role in this industry, and if you’re not offering them here are five reasons why you should.

Reason 1: 8 billion Reasons

The gift card business is worth $8billion in Canada alone, and the majority of gift cards are sold in November and December. That’s a multi-billion dollar market that you should tap into now, with added growth opportunity.

Reason 2: Awareness

Not only can you increase your revenue, but online e-gift cards increase your brand awareness and online exposure. Get seen by thousands of potential customers, for free by joining an online platform. You can sell your e-gift cards anytime, anywhere.

Reason 3: Cashflow

When customers buy today, you receive the cash immediately. Many customers redeem the value of their cards over several months, giving you free cash flow to help run your business.

Reason 4: Upsell

Research shows most gift card holders will spend equal or greater value than the balance on their card.  Most customers will spend 10-20% more, giving you an easy way to upsell and capture greater revenue.

Reason 5: Data & Promotion

If all the reasons above haven’t convinced you to offer e-gift cards, this one should.  E-gift cards allow you to better understand who’s buying your cards, what they’re buying and build better campaigns. You can use this information to generate a ‘buzz’ with the right audience.

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