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Note: The Cashier Username and Password will be used by you and your staff to redeem Neighbourhood e-Gift Cards. Please select a Username and Password that is not private and easy for you and your staff to remember. If you chose not to include it here, your login credentials will be assigned and sent to you.
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*Neighbourhood e-Gift Card Terms & Conditions i. All Neighbourhood e-Gift Cards must be redeemed using the AnyCard website at the time of customer purchase. Failure to do so could result in fraudulent activities and non-payment to the merchant. ii. AnyCard charges an 8% delivery and processing fee for each e-gift card redeemed. This fee will be covered by your BIA or BID. iii. AnyCard will cover the online credit card processing fees for e-gift cards purchased with Visa, MC, and AMEX. iv. AnyCard will aim to process all payments by Direct Deposit within 7-10 days for all Neighbourhood-Gift Card redemptions. v. To be removed from the Neighbourhood e-Gift Card program merchants must provide 30 days written notice by emailing vi. All participating Neighbourhood e-Gift Card merchants must display the 'Neighbourhood e-Gift Card Accepted Here' decal in their business. Privacy Policy: We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. © AnyCard 2018

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