How e-Gift Cards Can Boost Your Holiday Sales


We get it – it’s October and winter seems a long time away. But now is the time to prepare a strategy to boost sales for the holiday season. And if that strategy can save you time and money – like selling e-gift cards will – even better!

According to a 2015 Deloitte survey, 46% of consumers plan to give one or more gift cards over the holidays. Physical gift cards have always been a great way for consumers to gift their favourite eateries, but now you can supplement them with an online platform that’s both innovative and exciting.

Here are three reasons e-gift cards can help you boost your holiday sales:

Over 50% of gift cards are sold as a holiday gift

When asked what they’d like to receive, 38% of people mentioned a gift card. The percentage is even higher among younger consumers. E-gift cards can help you capture your share of this booming market ($10 billion in Canada) and ensure you don’t lose out on a sale. Since e-gift cards are purchased online, customers can simply go to the restaurant website to do their holiday shopping—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world. Even when families and friends live at a distance, e-gift cards make it easy for them to buy from you.

E-gift cards are huge time-savers

There’s no type of busy quite like ‘restaurant-manager’ busy, and manually processing gift cards is just one more task. E-gift cards nicely complement physical gift card programs, and can save your staff and guests time and energy. Many successful small- and medium-sized Canadian businesses have started using e-gift card platforms, and are experiencing the extra revenue that comes with it. Locally-owned restaurants like Regina’s Lakeshore Restaurant and the Diplomat Steakhouse, and bigger establishments like Toronto’s Piano PianoRasa and Sabai Sabai all sell e-gift cards, and have sold tens of thousands of dollars worth this year alone.

Tech savvy = Big savings   

In 2015, 78% of smartphone owners used their mobile devices for holiday shopping. Among this group, 50% actually made their purchases online. Selling e-gift cards lets you make sales after hours, and they can be sent to the recipient via email, SMS or Facebook. You save the cost of plastic cards and staff resources.

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