Just like the Mall, Your Neighbourhood Can Have Its Own E-Gift Card Too

The countdown to Christmas is on! Whether you have nearly finished your holiday shopping with time to spare or are still racking your brain with what to buy and when you’ll buy it, Neighbourhood Gift Cards are for everyone. Personal and convenient, Neighbourhood Gift Cards offer many delights and surprises that are bound to please anyone on your gift list this season, all while allowing you to support small businesses within the community.

This year, forego malls and box stores and opt for a trendier alternative that still provides a wide array of multi-store shopping options. Best of all, you have the ability to purchase Neighbourhood Gift Cards online, which means minimizing that holiday clamber and maximizing that holiday cheer. Still need more convincing? Here’s why you should invest local this season and hey—maybe you’ll add a Neighbourhood Gift Card to your wish list, too!

1. Shopping Local is Shopping Smart

In case you forgot, supporting the in-town economy is good for everyone, which means the more we put into local businesses the more we get back. Not only does shopping local help entrepreneurs within the community sustain livelihoods, it creates an environment for one-of-a-kind restaurants, retailers and specialty shops to thrive, further boosting the vibrancy that makes each city diverse and unique. By purchasing a Neighbourhood Gift Card, you are keeping money circulating close to home while encouraging your friends and family to get out and see new areas, try new foods and have new experiences.

2. Give Them Something They Really Want

People enjoy the variety that gift cards offer, but this holiday season make sure your loved ones are not just buying to buy and are buying what they want! Insert the Neighbourhood Gift Card—they can be redeemed at dozens of shops within their corresponding areas and are not limited to particular kinds of businesses. With a Neighbourhood Gift Card, recipients can spend their gift at a favourite coffee shop or salon, try a new eatery or clothing store, or perhaps check out a fitness studio or other form of entertainment unique to the area. The possibilities are endless and you can rest easy knowing you’ve found that perfect, original gift! 

3. Convenience is Key

Gift cards are supposed to be easy. However, if purchasing one means venturing out into blizzards, getting stuck in traffic or braving holiday crowds then they’re not so convenient after all. Here’s a perk that malls usually don’t offer—the option to buy and send gift cards electronically. All you have to do is go online and within minutes you are able to buy a Neighbourhood e-Gift Card, create its special design and greeting, and post-date its delivery (with no fear that it’s going to get lost in the mail). E-gift cards give you the opportunity to shop right from the palm of your hand, any time of day!

Here are some popular areas in Canada now offering Neighbourhood Gift Cards. Check out their websites to see a full list of participating businesses and to buy and e-gift card today.

Toronto’s West Queen West

Edmonton’s Old Strathcona

Downtown Guelph

Just like a Mall Gift Card your Business Association or BIA can have its own e-gift card program too.

If you are a BIA/BID or Business Association please contact chadm@anycard.ca to find out more about launching your own e-gift card program.

Written by Chad Molleken, AnyCard Marketing CEO