The Last Minute Shopper: An Opportunity for Any Business

Ah, last minute shopping. Whether it was the time you forgot to buy for your significant other’s parents a gift or the year you didn’t have quite enough stocking suffers, at one point or another we’ve all braved crowded stores the day before the big day.

If you’re a business, then you already know that consumers want the perfect gift. It’s also no surprise they want a gift that’s quick to find, easy to wrap, and a cinch to deliver. Make gifting simple and give everyone what they want. Here are three ways your business can appeal to last minute shoppers with electronic gift cards while keeping those sales rolling into the new year!

#1: Stay Open for Business 24/7

Eliminate your customers’ shopping panic by allowing them to purchase your business’ gift cards online - anytime, from anywhere. When their schedules are jam-packed they no longer have to worry about finding time to stop by your business to pick up a plastic card. By simply visiting your business’ website, consumers can buy an e-gift card within minutes. Now anyone can do their shopping any time of day, whether it’s from home, work or on the go. The best gift is only clicks away!   

#2: Appeal to Out of Town Patrons

Imagine you want to gift your parent’s favorite local restaurant but you live across the country, or your best friend loves a particular shop but you live too far away to purchase a gift card. Make life easy for your out of town guests and allow people to gift your business no matter where they are. With e-gift cards your business can expand its consumer reach while making itself accessible for any gifting occasion. Better yet, business owners no longer have to worry about mailing out plastic cards. With e-gift cards, everything is automated and managed online. E-gifts care sent to the recipient via text, email or Facebook.

#3: Add a Personalized Touch

Although gift cards are a growing trend, they can sometimes feel impersonal. Even if your gift is last minute, no one wants it to appear that way. Trouble shoot this problem by offering your patrons a way to customize their electronic gift. With e-gift cards, people now have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of design options while having the freedom to create their own personalized greeting. Another awesome feature: consumers can buy an e-gift card from your business and postdate its delivery, making the whole gifting process—from start to finish—easy-peasy.

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Written by Alexa Taylor, AnyCard Marketing Coordinator