3 Reasons Your Spa Needs E-Gift Cards This Holiday (And Always)

We may hate the chilly weather, but pulling out our winter wardrobe doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom: the holidays are on their way! Soon shoppers will be wildly searching for the perfect gift to give, and we all know ‘relaxation’ is at the top of everyone’s wish list.

So, calling all local spa owners! Make sure a rejuvenating getaway is at the top of your clients minds this gifting season. 2015 data shows that November and December are the most profitable months for those in the service industry, and holiday sales can make up to 40% of annual revenue for small and medium businesses.

And that’s where e-gift cards come in. Physical gift cards and certificates have always been (and still remain) an excellent gifting option, but now your customers can easily buy and send their loved ones choice spa treatments in a matter of minutes—online, anytime, anywhere.

Here are 3 reasons why your spa can benefit from e-gift cards this holiday season (and any season).

#1 Holidays=Major Gift Card Sales   

December is the peak time for gift card sales, and who doesn’t love the idea of getting a mani, pedi or massage during the cold winter months? According to a 2015 Deloitte survey, a whopping 50% of gift card sales take place during the holiday season. E-gift cards help ensure that local spas are capturing their fair share of the booming gift card market (a $10 billion market in Canada, to be exact) and since e-gift cards are purchased online, customers can simply head to their preferred spa’s website to do their holiday shopping—24 hours a day, 7 days a week no matter where they are!

#2 More Time + More Revenue  

If your spa already sells gift cards or certificates, great!  E-gift cards nicely complement your current gift card program by offering an additional online gift card sales channel. Many successful spas across Canada have started using e-gift cards and are enjoying the extra revenue the online sales have brought. Local spas such as Paramount Day Spa (Saskatoon), En Vogue Day Spa (Regina), Newbury Spa (Calgary) and Novo Spa (Toronto) are all avid sellers of e-gift cards and it’s paid off! These businesses have increased their consumer reach by going online, and have been able to sell thousands of dollars’ worth of e-gift cards this year alone.  

#3 Tech Savvy Rules     

E-gift cards allow customers to easily shop their favourite spas all right from their mobile devices! This is great news for spas! Now you can be open even after hours and your clients will be pleased they no longer have to stop in to buy a gift card, one less errand to run is always a good thing! E-gift cards can be sent by email, text or Facebook message. This means your spa can reduce the amount spent on plastic cards and you don’t even need a staff member to process and send out the electronic sales—all in all a big money saver!

Register your business to start sell e-gift cards at www.anycard.ca.  

Written by Alexa Taylor, AnyCard Marketing Coordinator